Communication Strategically

The Communication Theory

The critical method for using a coherent communication strategy depends on thinking carefully about the same three parts that Aristotle, thousands of years ago, used to describe the components of speech:


  1. Instead of a speaker, the first component in a corporate communication strategy is the organization
  2. The second component, in place of Aristotle’s person…. To whom the end or object of the speech refers is the constituency
  3. The final component, which Aristotle describes as “the subject of which he threats” will be referred to as messages. 

How to Develop Corporate Communication Strategies?

There are four steps for developing a good corporate communication strategy:

  1. Setting an effective organization strategy: The three subsets of an organization strategy must best done in the following order. First determine the organizations objectives. Second decide what resources (money, times and Human Resources) are available. The final step is diagnosing the organization’s reputation.
  2. Analyzing constituencies:
  3. Delivering messages appropriately
  4. Expressing a constituency response


“ When I worked as a sales and marketing assistant for a French bank, I used several means of communication to retain customers and reach potential one. Our target customers were private investors and we tried to sell them our Derivatives and Semi Derivatives products. In the past, this range of product was created for professional investors who had close personal relationships with the sales force. With these new products, everybody could invest on Derivatives easily by using standardized products. Thus, we had to reach the maximum number of customers to succeed in this business because they could not invest huge amount of money. And we could not have personal contact with everybody. We had to find other way of communication to them.

In this bank, we used several means to communicate with customers and experts in each type of communication composed the department. As a trainee, I have to work with each of them. Thus, one person had to develop and maintain the website that we used principally to give instant prices of our thousands of product and to accurately describe them. Then, another person was responsible for organizing all the events such as financial salons or customer meetings everywhere in France.  Moreover, another woman had to manage the call centers, the email questions and she also organize the publication of marketing brochures and newspapers. Finally, the last person was in charge of the media relations. This department was organized attract a huge number of potential customers through different means communication.

It was a really good experience for me for two main reasons. I had to work and help all these employees and I could have a best knowledge of all these ways of communication and marketing strategies. And moreover, I had to well manage my time because I worked for several people on different projects at the same time.”

How to plan communication strategically?



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