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Organizations need several communication technologies for internal and external use. These communication technologies have rapidly evolved over the past 10 years. Especially with the internet, the communication possibilities increased significantly. First of all, the E-Mail system is probably the mostly used internal and external communication technology. It is a lot faster and cheaper than sending letters. Today companies can communicate with their constituents more issues, a lot faster, and in particular cheaper over the Internet. Most companies do have their own web sites, and company representatives also have their own blogs. The constituents, therefore, have access to a lot more information about the company, and have the possibility to exchange their opinion about for example the products and the quality, etc. Consequently the internet is a very important field of advertisement and external corporate communication.

Another very useful development in communication technologies is Voice over IP (VoIP). Major advantages of VoIP are that it is not dependent on a location, and it is mostly offered as a free service. An example for VoIP is Skype.

However not only the internet made communication easier and cheaper, but also the rapid developments in the cell phone market since 1990. Telephone calls over the cell phone became much cheaper and popular. Consequently you are not anymore tight to your office to make a phone call and flexibility increases significantly.

New technologies made communication a lot easier and cheaper, but it also increased complexity. Since there are now a lot more communication channels to choose from, it is not that easy anymore to pick always the appropriate communication channel for a certain situation. 


“Even if new technologies could be useful there may have a bad side of this evolution in internal communication. Indeed, face-to-face communication does not be ignored.

During one of my working experience, the email was so important than I can have a discussion with my desk neighbor only by using this mean of communication. I worked for different employees and they send me my works through the email. The main part of my job was to hierarchy the huge amount of works I had to do. However, it could very difficult to give priority when your mission is stated by email. Moreover, it is very impersonal to have no oral communication with your colleagues. Sometimes, a day may be very long when you have no interaction and you cannot speak. However, it was a part of this department culture and everybody did it. There were good sides because I do not like to be disturbed every five minutes when I am working but I think that the absence of feedback and explanation could be alarming for a company. In my opinion, before to be an employee, you are human who need to share experience and relationship with colleagues in the workplace. In this case, the extreme use of new technologies had negative effects on the interpersonal communication.”

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